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Photoshop Tip 1 - Using Camera RAW as a Filter

April 24, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Did you know that from Photoshop CS6 CC, you can use Adobe Camera RAW (ACR) as filter within any layer?

To try this, open an image into Photoshop CS6 CC or later and then hit 'Ctrl J' to create a copy of the background layer. Then with the new layer highlighted, go to the menu option 'Filter/Camera RAW Filter.. and click it.

You will now see the ACR window open, go ahead and make some adjustments and when you have finished, select 'OK' to close ACR and go back to Photoshop. Now switch the layer copy on and off and you will see that the ACR adjustments are now contained into the layer. You can even use layer masks with your adjustments.

Simple but hugely useful.


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