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Adobe Bridge Tip 2 - Workspaces

April 25, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

The Essentials Workspace and Using Your Own Workspace

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When you first open Bridge it defaults to workspace called 'Essentials' and you can see this when you look at the image below, the orange highlighted area at the top has the word 'Essentials' under it.

What is a workspace I hear you ask? Well it's like the area on a desk or a table where you are doing something, this is your workspace and in Bridge, the essentials workspace is the way in which the screen is laid out.

Personally I don't like this workspace, I want to see more folders on the left and less filters. I want to see less thumbnails and less metadata but a lot more of the preview screen. Now I could use another workspace but they aren't what I want either. I could also adjust this when I open up Bridge but chances are that every time I open Bridge it will be different. So the answer is to create my own workspace so that it is the same all the time.

So, to do this you need to drag the windows around until you find a setup that suits you, you can have several if you wish. Once you have found your setup and got it right then just click the arrow to the right of the workspace list and select 'New Workspace'. Give it a name, make sure both boxes are ticked and then click save. Now your own workspace has appeared at the top and here's mine in the image below.




As you can see the orange highlight now has Dave written under it and this is configured for my use.

NOTE* If your workspace gets moved around or isn't how your workspace should look, then just right click on the workspace name at the top and select 'Reset' from the menu and it will automatically go back to how you originally set it up.

Hope this helps in your Adobe Bridge workflow.


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