Adobe Bridge Tip 7 - Applying Copyright to Images Using Adobe Bridge

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I use a process where I import my photographs from my memory card directly into folders on my NAS storage array using Adobe Bridge. I apply both folder and filenames at this point and add copyright to all the images being imported. This saves me time at a later date when I want to upload images to my website.

Importing Images into Your Computer Using Adobe Bridge

1. Firstly either connect your camera to your computer using the supplied USB cable or place your card into a memory card reader.

2. Open Adobe Bridge and either open the 'File/Get Photos From Camera...' menu or click the icon (below) in the tool bar.

                                                                                                                             Get PhotosGet Photos

3. When the new 'Photo Downloader' window opens, in the bottom left corner select the 'Advanced Dialog' button. This opens a bigger and better featured window.

Get Photos WindowGet Photos Window

4. In the top left of this window look for the 'Get Photos From' pull down menu and select your device from it. In this example I have used a Galaxy Tab S2 and as you can see, the window adds information to show what it has found on the card/device.

Select DeviceSelect Device

5. On the right side of the window are the 'Save Options' and this is where filenames, save locations etc. are manged. Go ahead and click the 'Browse' button and select the location where you would like the images to be saved. for e.g. 'C:\Users\Dave\My Pictures'

In this example I have used 'Z:\Images to be Sorted' because this is where I want to save my images when they are moved from the card/device, yours will be different.


6. The next selection is a pull down menu titled 'Create Subfolder(s):' and this refers to the name of the folder that the 'Photo Downloader' will create in the location you selected to put the files. There are several presets such as 'Today's Date' or 'Shot Date' with several date formats however, for this example I am going to choose 'Custom Name'. This allows me to specify the name myself and in the next window titled 'Enter Custom Name Here' you can specify the name. In this case I have used the name 'Example Folder'. So this will create a folder at the specified location and the path to the images will become 'Z:\Images to be Sorted\Example Folder'.

custom2custom2                 customcustom

7. The next option allows you to batch rename files that are imported. I never use this feature because of the way I store files but, it is the same principle as the 'Create Subfolder' menu above, please feel free to rename your files as you see fit.

8. The next option is titled 'Preserve Current Filename in XMP' and is used to put the original filename into the metadata so it can be found if the files name is changed. I always tick this box because sometimes I change a files name when I upload to a website. It gives me a method of finding the image in my store.

9. The next section is titled 'Advanced Options' and this area allows you to do several options which are self explanatory. The only option I use here is to delete the images off my memory card once they have been transferred. So, I tick the box 'Delete Original Files'.

10. The next section relates to the blog post Adobe Bridge Tip 6 - Adding Copyright to Your Images and provides a quick method of applying Copyright to all of your imported images. Provided that you have setup a metadata template in Bridge, you can select it here.


11. The last option is to select the images that you wish to upload, they can be selected individually by ticking the box next to each image in the main window or you can select 'Check All' or 'Uncheck All'.

12. Once you are happy with your selections then click the 'Get Media' button and the images will be transferred with the criteria as set by you. Once they are complete and if you have selected 'Delete Original Files' a message will pop up saying the process is complete and would you like to delete the original files.

Other methods of applying metadata and copyright is described HERE

Dave Sumner


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