Adobe Bridge Tip 5 - Stacking Images

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What is Stacking?

Stacking is a method used in Bridge to group similar files together within a folder. For e.g. I have a folder in this example that has 77 images in it and as you can see, the images go off the bottom of the screen. So the more images there are, the bigger the problem when searching through and viewing them.

If I now place the images into stacks of similar scenes etc., I can browse through the images much more easily and expand a stack if necessary. So to stack some images I need to first highlight what I want to stack together, I then right click and select stack/Group as Stack from the list. Once I've done this with the images, the page is much more visible and I can navigate around it easier.

You need at least 2 images to create a stack and you can drag and drop additional images into an already created stack. You can remove any amount of images including all images from a stack by right clicking highlighted images and selecting Stack/Ungroup From Stack.

The number at the top left of each stack denotes the number of images contained within.


When you hover over a stack with your mouse you will see a play button and a slider, these allow you to see what is in a stack in a slideshow fashion without having to open it. This is a better method of examining the stack contents for stacks that contain a lot of images.


Dave Sumner


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