Adobe Bridge Tip 1 - Review Mode

April 25, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

When reviewing my images I always review and select them after I've uploaded them to my storage device but, this causes an issue where I have to wait until I get around to it. So, I'm often reviewing hundreds of images at once and this can be a tedious task. Review Mode to the rescue.

So whilst in Bridge I select images that I want to keep by giving them 1, 2 or 3 stars. To help me do this I use the 'Review Mode' option.

To use the review mode and to do this I select a number of similar images that I want to review and select 'Review Mode' from the View\Review Mode menu or under the 'Refine Icon' on the toolbar or by pressing 'Ctrl B'.





Review mode will open a new window and if you have selected more than 4 images, will show them all in a carousel style viewer. You can use the left and right arrow keys to transit through the images and pressing the number keys from 1 to 9 will add either stars or colour labels to your images and a 0 will remove them.

Other features within Review Mode are using the down arrow key to remove images from your selection. This will also have unselected the image when you return to Bridge's normal view.

The Loupe is also available in this mode which will allow you to check for sharpness of images. The loupe will remain in place whilst you flick through the images until you close it.

You can also create collections whilst in this mode and when you create the collection, all of the images that remain in the review mode window will be added to the collection, see my blog about Collections HERE for more information.

To quit Review Mode use the cross at the bottom right or hit the escape key.


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